A Duke's Promise

Alexandria is now a married woman. She's thrilled to be married to Gabriel the Duke of St. Easton, and even more thrilled that now they will be able to take their honeymoon and look for her missing parents. She knows that time is running out for them and they must be found immediately. What she doesn't know is the danger she and Gabriel will face as they search for them in France and Italy. They have trusted guards, but the Prince Regent also insists on sending some of his guards with them. They must give the Prince's guards the slip before they are able to leave Paris for Italy, the last known whereabouts of Alex's parents. They must leave Paris without anyone knowing as well. But how to do that? Alex knows immediately when she sees her first hot air balloon that they must use one. But Gabriel's ears do not seem to do well with altitude changes. Will he lose his hearing forever as they search for Alex's parents? Will either of them survive the hot air balloon ride to Italy? 

I have to say that this was a fun series. It's full of danger and surprises on every page. I love the impulsive Alex and her Duke Gabriel. I'm sad to have this be the last of their story. I really have enjoyed the way that this author uses Bible verses in her writing. I enjoy that the characters are religious and have morals. 

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