Wish You Were Eyre

Megan is looking forward to her spring break, Paris with her Grandmother Gigi for Fashion Week sounds just about perfect! But Megan is going to have to get through one of the snowiest winters in recent memory first. Becca is not looking forward to her spring break, she'll be going to Mankato, Minnesota with her grandmother to see the places where the Betsy-Tacy books take place, there will be some surprises along the way for her. Cassidy is way excited to play hockey for the Lady Shawmuts, especially when she finds out her team will be playing at the National Championships. Jess is nervous to be trying out for a solo in her singing group Madrigals, but she'll have to make it through the Calculus substitute first. And Emma, Emma and Stewart are helping Mrs. Wong in her run for Mayor of the town of Concord, but things get a little sticky along the way because of Sophie. Sophie is an exchange student from Paris, she gets stuck without a family until Gigi insists that she stay with the Wongs. Unfortunately for Sophie, she happens to be Stinkerbelle's cousin and the girls of the Mother-Daughter Book Club judge her for that, I think they would have over-looked that if it hadn't seemed as though Sophie was after every boy in Concord, especially Emma's boyfriend Stewart. But when a prank goes too far, the girls must band together, tell the truth, and see if they can get Sophie to forgive them all, before it's too late.

I really have loved this series. Unfortunately this book is the last book in this series. I thought that everything was tied together in the end, but I'm going to be sad to not have Emma, Jess, Cassidy, Becca, and Megan in any more adventures. I've loved all the books they've read. This book featured Jane Eyre, and I really love the way it was featured, I can't wait to get my copy that I haven't read in ages off the shelf and read it again with new eyes. I love that this series have introduced young readers to older books like Jane Eyre. Thanks to Heather Vogel Frederick for all the great adventures of the Mother-Daughter Book Club!

This is a book our 12 year-old got for Christmas and she loved it too!

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