The Guardian

Carruthers Monique McAllister, Danni, has just turned 13, she was given a journal by her Grandpere. But her mom won't let her have a party until the next day, why? Well Danni's birthday is on the June 13th and it happens to fall on Friday the 13th. Her mom isn't taking any chances on that cursed day. She and her best friend Rick will be going on a camping trip with her dad and Grandpere for her birthday the next day. That is when she'll be getting her real gift from Grandpere, but that gift doesn't really thrill Danni. It's a pouch, obviously very old and worn. Grandpere tells her that the pouch has been in the family for generations, it's called The Guardian and that Danni will be the next caretaker of the pouch. Danni's not so thrilled with the idea of having to carry around "The Nanny" with her, especially to school and eventually decides to just let it hang on a hook in her room when she leaves and the years pass that way. However, one day, Danni's just turned 16, her mother makes her promise to remember the pouch and that day changes everything for Danni. Danni's family is taken hostage by some men who found out the family would be getting money and the pouch appears to lead Danni. It also makes Danni and her younger brother Cody invisible to the bad guys and helps them get away. As Danni and Cody work to get their parents and Grandpere out of the hands of the bad guys, the pouch continues to lead and guide them in the best way to go. But when Danni is faced with prideful men, will she allow her own pride to get in the way of saving her family?

This book was not at all what I expected from Gerald Lund. He usually writes historical fiction novels. I have to say though, I loved every minute of reading this book! Danni is a strong amazing character. I love the way she follows the directions of the Guardian, kind of like following the voice of the Holy Ghost in our lives. I also like how the Guardian allows her to make her own mistakes and learn from them. This book has a quick moving plot with plenty of action. I didn't want to put it down until I was done reading it. I hope that there will be a sequel to this one! I want to know more about what happens to Danni and The Guardian.

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