Beauty and the Beast

The prideful Prince Alexander has been turned into a wolf by an old witch who he was unkind to. Luckily he's only a wolf at night, but it's a very painful process and in order to change back to a human he must find a young lady to love him - the wolf him - before a year's up. 

Cecelia Hammerstein-Smythe thinks she's the luckiest girl in the kingdom, Lord Willington is finally going to ask her to marry him, or so she thinks. They are on a pleasant carriage ride, he pulls to the side of the road to ask her - and then he tells her that he's engaged to marry another. Cecelia will not allow herself to cry in front of Lord Willington, or her mother for that matter. She knows that she is soon to be the laughingstock of the entire town, her mother has already invited everyone they know to a celebration ball, in honor of her engagement. Cecelia goes to her favorite place by the brook to think and cry late that night, and she meets none other than a talking wolf. The wolf is charming and kind, everything a friend should be. But he breaks her confidence and tells the prideful, spiteful Prince Alexander all her troubles. Cecelia is furious with no intention of ever speaking to the wolf again, but he calms her anger and soon Cecelia knows she can't live without him. But will all be happiness and roses for Cecelia and her wolf?

I really enjoyed this story! I love fairy-tale retellings and this is one of my favorite of Beauty and the Beast. I loved the beast, I loved Cecelia and her crazy engagement situation. Plus how can you not love a talking, romantic wolf??!! This is a very clean, romantic book. You should read all of Jenni James' books, they are amazing!

I own this book as an e-book. You can get it from Amazon for $2.99. 

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