The Taming of Lady Kate

Lady Kate Derramore has been banished from her home estate by her cousin Freddie who inherited it. He sends her to London to have her first season. Kate vows that she will find someone to marry and quickly, so that she can receive her inheritance and be able to be her teenage step-brother's guardian. While staying with her aunt in London Kate meets Jack, the Marquis of Northbrooke, she doesn't fall madly in love with him at first, but figures that he will marry her for convenience, because he too needs to marry before he will receive his inheritance. But there are certain things about Jack that worry Kate. He tends to disappear mysteriously, and no one, not even his best friend Caro knows where he goes or why. Kate figures that he has a girlfriend hidden away, little does she knows that he actually has a dangerous job that will put her own life in danger soon enough. Will Jack be able to save Kate and himself before it's too late?

I enjoyed this story. Regency romances are some of my favorite and the writing of this one is great. The one thing that I had a hard time with was the many sexual references. This is supposed to be a "clean" romance and it basically is, but the amount of sexual references left me blushing. I did like the characters and the story line was highly exciting.

I was able to borrow this one from my local library.

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