Do Over

It's the happiest day of Iris' life, she's just married the love of her life. She's at the reception, mingling and enjoying herself, when she's accosted by a woman claiming to be the girlfriend of the man she's just married. When the woman is able to produce proof, including texts, and pictures and proof that she's not the only one, Iris knows that she must get out of her four hour old marriage, and fast and start over. So Iris moves to Alpine, Utah, a very small town where her cousin Luke and his wife Maggie live and decides to reinvent herself. Gone is the classy woman who dresses conservatively and has beautiful auburn hair. That woman becomes a woman who wears holy jeans, motorcycle boots and her hair has bright red on the tip to look like flames. What Iris doesn't know is about the contest. Maggie and her friends Jacie, Sophie, and Allison decide over one of their monthly lunches that Sophie's brother-in-law, Trey, needs a woman in the worst way. Maggie thinks that Iris, who she hasn't seen in a year would be perfect, while Sophie thinks that the new stylist at her salon, Macie Jo, is just the one for Trey. The women agree that Trey will make the final decision and that they will all be fine with whatever he decides. But when Trey picks Iris, without even knowing about the wager, Sophie decides to take matters into her own hands. The result is craziness in a way that only Sophie can manage. 

I have to say that Shannon Guymon is one of my very favorite clean romance authors. I've read everyone of her books several times, because they are so amazing. The characters are always likable and seem like people you know. The situations are always just a little bit crazy. I love the way that she portrays Alpine as the kind of place where everyone knows everyone else and everyone else's business too. This book was no exception! I loved Iris, I loved Trey and the whole bet on who Trey chooses thing was pretty funny. I really like how these books are kind of a series, but each is also able to stand alone. I was able to read this one quickly, mainly because I didn't want to put it down. I was super sad when I finished, I'm hoping for more of these books really soon!

I was able to read the e-version of this book that I got from Netgalley.

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