Beautiful Redemption

Ethan has awoken in the other world after jumping off of the tower in Gatlin, which he felt he needed to do to save all of those that he loved. He misses Lena terribly, but he is now with his mom. He soon determines that he's kind of between earth and Heaven, in a place where spirits who haven't finished everything they need to do wait. He also finds out that he can go back to the real Gatlin, but no one there can see or hear him. He knows that he needs to get a message to Lena that he's okay, but without people being able to see or hear him he's uncertain how. He discovers that he's able to move things around, with great effort. This leads him to the idea of using the newspaper to get a message to her. That makes him feel a little better, but he knows that he needs to get back to Lena, and he's willing to do pretty much anything he has to do to get back to her, including risking his eternity and anyone's life that gets in the way. But will things work out in his favor?

This book really kept me on the edge. I am kind of sad to see the end of this series. I've enjoyed getting to know Lena, Ethan, Rid, Linc and all of Gatlin. I liked the way this book went back and forth between Ethan and Lena's perspective. I thought that the ending to this series worked. I was glad to finally see Ethan's mom a little bit, it made the story feel complete. This book did have a few swear words, and some violence, but nothing beyond that.

I was able to borrow this book from my local library.

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