Arcade Catastrophe (The Candy Shop War #2)

Nate, Summer, Trevor, Pigeon and Lindy know that something's up when a couple of large men dressed in suits approach them after a full day of trying out their magical candy. They can only hope these men didn't see the stunts that the kids were doing on their bikes, but no such luck! The men let them know they did see them, but that they were specifically searching them out because John Dart and Mozag the magician are missing. The men know that the kids have had dealings with them in the past and are hoping that Nate and his friends have some information to find John and Mozag. Unfortunately the kids haven't heard from either of them, but they agree to a meeting if Lindy's guardian, Mr Stott approves. Mr Stott knows that something is very wrong if both Mozag and John Dart are missing and reluctantly agrees to the kids helping, with the exception of Lindy. The kids, and the men soon come to an agreement: the kids will infiltrate Arcadeland, a new amusement park and the men will be back up if necessary. But what the kids find is a surprise and more than either the kids or the men planned on!

I LOVE Brandon Mull's books and this one is no exception. He writes in such a way that you are engaged in the story line before you even realize it. This book is quite long, 426 pages, but I was able to finish it pretty fast. The story sucks you in and you move through pages rapidly. I loved the adventure in this book, who doesn't want to have candy that gives you super powers? The characters are believable. All in all this is a great book, I highly recommend it.

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