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Pocket Full of Posies

Bart Gutierrez is working as an officer in the Hartford police department. One morning he's helping on a raid to get the number two man in the Castillo drug cartel. During the briefing it's mentioned that the man is inside a warehouse building and that with him is their PR representative Lucy Aguayo. He's really surprised because he and Lucy grew up together in Texas, if this is the same Lucy. Things go wrong and the man finds the group of police officers, FBI, etc and threatens to kill Lucy. When there is a gun fired Bart and the rest of the officers fear the worst. What they find is Lucy, injured but well and the number 2 man shot by Lucy's hand. What Bart and the others don't know is that Lucy is an undercover FBI agent trying to bring down the Castillo cartel to revenge her father's murder. What Lucy doesn't know is that Bart is Nico Castillo's long lost son and he will do anything to get him back. The FBI learns of this and decides to use Bart as a…

An Unlikely Match

Nickolas Pritchard has never had a family to speak of. He's been on his own ever since being orphaned when he was a small child. But now he's been left an estate and money by a distant relative living in Wales. After signing all of the papers to collect his inheritance, the lawyer tells him that his distant relative wanted him to pass along a message. The message: the estate, Ty Mynydd is haunted. Nickolas doesn't believe that's really possible, but all of the neighbors and the vicar all believe that it's true. The ghost's name is Gwen and she died tragically right before a battle for independence from the English. Gwen is tired of being a ghost. She'd like to just settle down and enjoy her bedroom that is finally just how she likes it after 400 years of hard work getting others to clean it for her. But now the new master of her house, Nickolas, is planning a house party and putting the girl that he wants to court into her perfect bedroom. You can't bla…

Book Blitz - Echo In Time

I can't believe that it's almost Christmas! I kind of feel like the Grinch, "Christmas is coming, it's practically here!" This will be my only post this week so that I can spend some quality time with my family. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and I'll see you next week.

Today I have a book blitz for the new C J Hill YA novel Echo in Time. I loved the first book in this series, Erasing Time, which as of right now you can grab at Amazon for $.99, better go get it! Echo in Time is being released today, and I'm so excited, this is one I've been waiting on since I read the first book.

Book Summary: Echo in Time delivers on "the possibility of an equally thrilling sequel" (Kirkus Reviews) to Erasing Time.

After being pulled 400 years into the future, twins Taylor and Sheridan have found some refuge from the government of Traventon, which used the dangerous Time Strainer to yank the girls from the past. Yet the threat of the dangerous technology …

Michael Vey Battle of the Ampere

Michael Vey has just destroyed the Elgen Starxource plant in the Amazon jungle of Peru, but he finds himself alone in a camp of Amazonians. They are taking good care of him, and are even able to quickly heal his broken foot. He discovers another electric kid at the camp, Tessa, she also was able to escape from the Elgen and has been hiding in the jungles of the Amazon. Now though, the Peruvian army is out to find Michael and the Electroclan and they will kill everyone who gets in the way. Michael and Tessa must get away from the innocent Amazonians before they are killed and they must find the rest of the Electroclan and get them away from the Peruvian army before they are killed as terrorists. After saving their friends, next on the agenda is getting rid of the evil Dr. Hatch. He and the electric kids are busy wreaking havoc for the Elgen on board their ship headquarters, the Ampere. Dr. Hatch has an evil plan to take over the world, can Michael save his friends and stop Dr. Hatch…

Adrenaline Rush

Christy is now a full-fledged spy on her way to her first real case. This isn't just any case, Christy must make herself into an adrenaline junkie named Misha, infiltrate a group of Adrenaline junkies and get herself kidnapped so that the FBI can figure out just who has been kidnapping adrenaline junkies. First things first, she must convince the agents acting as her parents that she is a real spy, no matter how young she may be. It doesn't take Christy very long to infiltrate the group of kids that the FBI wants her to, it's really very easy once she attracts the attention of the attractive Dakota. What becomes harder is when she realizes that at the school she's been sent to in Oregon actually has two such groups, Madness, the one she's supposed to infiltrate and the Avengers. Christy must make the right choice about which group to join, or she won't be getting kidnapped. She also must make sure not to let her budding feelings get in the way of listening to w…

Blog This

Natasha Senecot is a single mother just trying to raise her 2 children right. But she's also a blogger, blogging about the evils of Matthew Chrysler's popular violent video games. She's worried that they are not only addicting, but programming young gamers to want to kill people. Her blog is popular and apparently doing exactly what she's writing it to do, get mothers to stop buying these violent games and allowing their children to play them, because a man is sent to kill her. Natasha is lucky the first time, the man shoots her through the abdomen, she's hurt and it takes a while to recover but she's still able to live and take care of her two young children. It's announced on her blog that she has died, and life seems to settle down for Natasha and her family. But six months later, Natasha is at the mall with her friend when a young boy starts shooting to kill. The look of hate in his eyes and the fact that he says that it's just like a popular video …

All That Was Promised

Book Summary from Deseret Book: Brigham Young was determined to fulfill the charge Joseph Smith had given him—to finalize the endowment and sealing ceremonies and begin administering these sacred ordinances to the living in behalf of their dead. This work, however, could be performed only in a dedicated temple.

Knowing the temple being built in Salt Lake City would require years to complete, Brother Brigham was inspired to build a temple that could be constructed sooner. The place he designated was in Utah's Dixie, an isolated desert outpost that had only recently been settled.

In this riveting volume, best-selling author Blaine M. Yorgason presents the inspiring true story of the enormous sacrifice and prodigious labor performed by the St. George pioneers called to bring the prophet's vision to fruition.

The authors document details of the temple's construction, and they recount many previously untold, often miraculous, stories of those who sacrificed greatly and worked dili…


Guster Johnsonville is 11 years-old and he's a very picky eater. He never wants to eat what his mom cooks and usually just pushes it around on his plate until everyone leaves the room and he can dispose of his food. He's also hungry all the time, because no food ever sounds good or tastes good. His mom gets fed up with his not eating anything and decides that he needs a trip to New Orleans to find some food that Guster will eat and enjoy. Walking the streets of New Orleans is a different experience for Guster, and nothing smells good there either...until the Guster, his mom and his brother Zeke find a small pastry shop, it's run down and may even have been closed by the health department. But the smells coming from that shop are amazing! Guster must enter. What they find inside is some wonderful pastries that taste amazing to Guster and a chef. This chef calls Guster an Evertaster, he calls his pickiness a gift, and starts to tell Guster of a secret recipe, The One Recipe,…

Blog Tour - Sparks the Matchmaker

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Ollie just wants one thing. The girl.

Things haven’t been going so well with Anne lately, though; their relationship has become a perpetual study date, and Ollie’s roommates are starting to worry about him. How to fix things? Why, with a marriage proposal, of course.

Unfortunately for Ollie, his relationship with Anne has run out of gas. Life feels like it’s counting down to one. And that one is the only person in Ollie’s life he really cares about: Ollie. Perhaps, then, he should get over himself. But first he has to deal with Sparks, the irritating little Yankees fan who invades his life in order to “help” him. And while Keith, his best friend, is doing all he can to help, Ollie’s other friend Richie never fails to show up and threaten to ruin everything just by being himself. Never mind all the drama Sparks brings to the party by forcing Ollie to take a job actually helping people in need.

Will Ollie meet the girl? Will it be in history class? On a road trip to Colorado? …

A Step of Faith

Alan Christoffersen is still on his walk that he started when his wife McHale died. He's in St. Louis now, but for the second time he's going to be forced to stop and take some time to recuperate before continuing on. It seems he has a brain tumor that has caused his dizziness and blackouts. His father is thrilled that he will be coming to spend some time in California with him. It's very apparent that his dad doesn't even want to consider that Alan will be leaving yet again on his journey. But Alan knows that he must finish his walk, he's more than halfway and it's almost been a year since McHale died. His dad doesn't seem to understand and when Alan leaves him in California, they are both mad. There will be heartaches ahead for him, his friends Falene and Nicole and even his dad. But with a little new-found faith Alan knows that he will be able to deal with all of the set backs and come through his walk a better and stronger man.

When I started reading thi…

A Timeless Romance Anthology: European Collection

Book Summary: In War of Hearts, Annette Lyon’s exciting novella, Anna, a journalist, is desperate to escape the magazine where Pete, her now-former boyfriend, also works. Heartbroken and still in love with him, Anna snags an assignment to cover the Winter War in Finland. She arrives at a snowy Finnish battlefront only to discover that Pete is already there—as her photographer. She’s determined to be professional about the situation until a battle breaks out in camp, putting her and Pete in harm’s way and putting their love to the test.
In G.G. Vandagriff’s enchanting novella, The Earl of Oaksey Takes a Wife, Melissa Burroughs is the new Countess of Oaksey. Her whirlwind romance and subsequent elopement was worth every divine moment, even if her parents did disapprove. When Melissa learns about her new husband’s apparently empty pockets, she wonders if the intimacy they’ve shared is only the ruse of a fortune-hunter. Melissa is devastated and determines to live a separate life from her …

Blog Tour - The Accidental Marriage

Book Summary: Elliot was taller than Nina was, but not by much, and her blocky heels gave her the inch or two needed to engage him eye to eye. “I am woman. Hear me roar. Welcome to the seventies,” she said.

Standing on a Scottish tower high above the North Sea, Nina Rushforth gazed into the eyes of a lanky young man and made a big mistake—she fell in love. Six months later, she’s back in Utah with a ring on her finger, standing in front of a classroom of farm kids, discussing the dangers of dangling participles.

Instead of the sophisticated life she had imagined, Nina is keeping house in a miniscule apartment and living with a young husband who knows nothing more about being married than she does. Beset with cooking mishaps, lesson plans, and interfering in-laws, the newlyweds find themselves teetering on the brink of disaster—and neither knows know how to stop from going over the edge.
Award-winning author Annette Haws brilliantly captures the comic strife of young LDS love caught in th…

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Blog Tour - Home for the Holidays - Review and Giveaway

Summary from As seen and heard by more than 80,000 people in the LDS Conference Center, Home for the Holidays is the live recording of The Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s 2012 Christmas concert. This year’s release features internationally acclaimed TV personality Tom Brokaw and Tony Award–winning Les Miserables tenor Alfie Boe.

The Choir also welcomed surprise-guest Gail “Hal” Halvorsen, the renowned Candy Bomber of World War II. Together with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square, these three special guests delivered an unprecedented excitement to the stage that brought all in attendance to their feet more than once during the night.

Hailed as the performance that “may have topped them all” (Catherine Reese Newton, The Salt Lake Tribune) this year’s release is bound to be an instant success!

My Review: I love how the Mormon Tabernacle Choir puts these performances on DVD and airs them on PBS each year. It gives those of us who didn't get tickets a ch…

The Daisy Chain

It's Jess's wedding anniversary and she's mourning her deceased husband, Charlie, when she finds out that the formal hearing for the suit that his grown children filed months ago is coming up. She's talking with her financial planner, Preston Michaels, on the phone and wondering why talking with him always makes her so flustered, especially on this sad day. Jess has avoided every one of the hearings for the suit that Charlie's children filed, so she surprises herself when she decides to go. She tells herself, that maybe his children will back off when they see her, but knows that the real reason that she wants to go is to meet Preston. Preston in real life does live up to the voice that she's grown to love over the phone, but is Jess ready to give up her memories of Charlie and move on with her life?

This was a really cute story. I like these novellas because they are short and easy to read, fun and filled with romance. This one was especially cute. I like the c…

Biblical Names of Christ Heirloom Ornaments

I know this isn't a book, but it does have something to do with the Bible. I was super excited to get to review this ornament set that you can buy at Deseret Book! This is a set of 12 high quality ornaments that each have a name of Christ that is mentioned in the Bible. I really like the idea of including the Savior in our Christmas celebration and having his names on the tree is a great way to do that. I like that there are 12 and that on the back of the box the set comes in there is a scripture reference for each of the names. We try to have a 12 days of Christmas every year that includes scriptures for each night, and I think that this set will be a great way to do that. I can't wait to do this with our 2 daughters and hopefully see them gazing at our Christmas tree and remembering the Savior and the reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place as they do.

Purchase your set of these ornaments at Deseret Book: online and in stores.

Blog Tour - Christmas From Heaven

Book SummaryChristmas from Heaven is the story of the humble beginnings of what became a beacon of hope to a war-torn land, the story of Gail Halvorsen, a young pilot in the US Army Air Corps who was assigned as a cargo pilot to the Berlin Airlift, in which US forces flew much-needed supplies into a Soviet-blockaded Berlin.

As he performed his duties, Lt. Halvorsen began to notice the German children gathered by the fences of Tempelhof Air Base. Knowing that they had very little, he one day offered them some chewing gum. From that small act, an idea sprang: He would "bomb" Berlin with candy. Fashioning small parachutes, he and his crew sent them floating down as they approached the Berlin airport, wiggling the wings of their C-54 as a signal to the children that their anticipated cargo would soon arrive.

Lt. Halvorsen became known by hundreds, if not thousands, of children in Berlin as "Uncle Wiggly Wings" or "The Candy Bomber." Word soon spread, and dona…

Blog Tour - Studio C DVD

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Seasons 1 and 2 of the hilarious BYUtv sketch comedy series, Studio C, featuring Whitney, Mallory, Jason, Matt, and the rest of the cast pulling out all the stops with two full seasons of enough rip-roaring hilarity to make you spit milk out of your nose. Travel back to the moment it all began and watch some of the very first Studio C sketches, plus two never-before-seen features! Includes popular episodes featuring
Presidential Shoulder AngelFacebook Friends SongFlirting AcademyCaptain LiterallyThe Center for People That YouTube Made InfamousCandy Land Character ConferenceBollysideDana’s DeadAnd many more!Special Features
Exclusive Feature: “Just Jeremy Date”Exclusive Sketch: “Substitute Miss Frizzle”Season 2 OuttakesStudio C is a hit sketch comedy series that the whole family can enjoy. Like the popular TV show Saturday Night Live, the cast performs original sketches that parody American culture and the hilariously awkward moments of everyday life; …

Blog Tour - 12 Gifts for Christ

Book Summary: Christmas is a time for celebrating the birth of Christ and a time for giving. In the middle of this busy season, it is easy to forget the very reason why we celebrate. The first Christmas began with gifts of light and gold. This Christmas, ask: What gifts can I give to Him?

In 12 Gifts for Christ, author Merrilee Boyack suggests ways we can give to the Savior, including having gratitude, sharing through service, and loving others. With examples of these gifts shared through personal stories, scriptures, activities, and family home evening lessons, she suggests presenting those gifts to Christ in letters placed in stockings or brightly wrapped boxes. Following the ideas of this book will truly add joy to the spirit in our hearts and homes during Christmas!

My Review: One day Merrilee Boyack noticed a Christmas stocking seemingly out of place on a friend's mantel. When she mentioned it, the friend explained that it was left out each year on purpose. Each year on Christm…