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The Sisters Grimm: A Very Grimm Guide

This is the official guide to the series The Sisters Grimm. I don't know if you've read these books, but if you like fairy tales, this is the series for you! It's a series written for kids, but I've enjoyed all of the books that I've read. In this guide you will learn about all of the principle characters. You'll learn about Sabrina and Daphne, Granny Relda and Mr Canis and, of course, you will learn about Puck. You'll also learn about Ferryport Landing, and it's history. And of course, all of the crazy fairy tale characters that live there! This was a really fun book. It's only about 125 pages long, with lots of beautiful color illustrations. There are also witty comments written by the trickster king himself, Puck. So, if you've read all the books and you just can't get enough of the Grimm sisters then this is the book for you!

Midnight in Austenland

Charlotte isn't quite sure what to think. Her husband, James, has just left her for another woman. She's not sure what to do with her life, but she finds a bucket list that she had written when she was 14 and one of the items on the list is to read Jane Austen. She decides to do it, and loves all of the Jane Austen books that she can get her hands on. She decided that during the time that James and his new wife have their two kids during the summer, she will go to England, the land of Jane Austen. When talking with the travel agent, she's offered the chance to go to Austenland, a place where you dress up in Regency era clothes, and pretty much eat and live as if you had lived then. This sounds amazing to Charlotte, and before she knows it she's in England and leaving all of her modern conveniences behind for the time of Jane Austen. Things aren't always what they seem, even in Jane Austen's time, and soon Charlotte is trying to figure out just who is playing a …

The Evolution of Thomas Hall

Thomas is an artist, he knows it, and he makes sure that everyone around him knows it as well. He's been hired to do a painting in the Pacific Science Museum, which he's working happily on, until interrupted by the new head of the museum, who basically demands he start all over with a new premise about Darwin. Thomas isn't sure just what to believe, but the new museum head convinces him to do Darwin's Evolution of Man, instead of the painting he had been commissioned originally to do. Susan Cassidy, known affectionately as Cass knows that there will be no better artist to paint a mural in the new children's wing of St. Mark's hospital than Thomas Hall, but first she has to convince the board of that. And finally there's Christina, she and her mother are in a horrific accident that leaves her mother dead, and Christina very nearly dead herself. Thomas doesn't want to paint the Healing Place mural for the hospital, but when both of his other jobs leave hi…


Cinder is a 16 year-old cyborg living in New Beijing. She's considered kind of a second-rate citizen by her step-mother and pretty much any human living in the city, but she does have one redeeming quality in their eyes, she has a very mechanical mind and can fix almost anything. Hovers, robots, malfunctioning parts of cyborgs, including her own. One day, while she's at her shop in the market, a man comes in with a broken robot for her to fix, it takes just a minute, but she recognizes the man as the Prince Kai. She's just over the shock of the prince coming to ask for her help with his robot, when the market becomes a crazed place, the baker woman has caught the dreaded plague. Now no one wants to be anywhere near her shop and all of the people, including Cinder, who were are supposed to go into quarantine to make sure that they don't have the deadly disease. Cinder can't take time for that, and sneaks out the back way to the apartment she shares with her step-mot…

Family by Design

Rena's getting tired of her seemingly never ending "pleasant" dates. She's not sure how she ended up in her 30's and still single. Her only consolation is that her best friend, Tucker, is still searching for the right person too. Rena finds herself comparing the current guy she's dating to Tucker and knows that he could never measure up to him. Tucker is going through some life changes himself, his brother and sister-in-law have just been killed in a car accident, leaving him in charge of his very young niece and nephew. The problem being that child protective services don't feel that he's an adequate guardian being unmarried and in the Marine reserves. Knowing that the only way he will get to care for his family is to get married, he decides to ask Rena to marry him and right away! He knows that both of them are sick of searching for the right person and reasons that they love each other enough for now. Rena is thrown for a loop, but decides to go fo…

Diary of a Player

Brad Paisley is one of my very favorite county music singers. You can tell that he feels everyone of his songs, you can tell just how much he cares about music and playing guitar just by listening to his songs. This is kind of the story of his life thus far and a tribute to those that taught him to play, or that he kind of took his style from. There are also pretty neat quotes from celebrities like Randy Jackson, Vince Gill, and Carrie Underwood about him. One of the things that I really like about him is that he seems like a real person. What you see is what you get from him. That really came across in this book. This was an amazing book, normally a biography will take longer to read for me than a fiction book would. I finished this book in just one day, it was a compelling read to learn about how he got his first guitar, and just why he got his favorite set of amplifiers from England on his dad's dime. There were a few farmer type swear words, but I didn't fell that they wer…

Acceptable Loss

William Monk and his wife Hester are doing the best that they can. He's the commander of the River Police in London. On his last case, Monk and Hester found and befriended a young boy named Scuff. He had been kidnapped and forced into a despicable trade of child pornography aboard a boat that would move around the Thames to try to avoid the detection of the police force. His being in their family seems right to both Monk and Hester, but he's still having a hard time trying to reconcile the fact that he's now safe, even when his friends that he made aren't necessarily. But when a eerily similar boat is found, in connection with a murder, Monk and Hester both know that they need to stop as much of this atrocity as they can, both for their sake and for Scuff. This is a William Monk novel, there are an awful lot of them and this is the first one I've read. You can tell from the story that there was more talked about in previous books, but it seems like it's actuall…

Friends and Foes

Philip Jonquil is getting pretty tired of all the roles that he's forced to play. He plays the role of a dandy quite well, even though he's really a spy tracker. He has been tracking spies all over England for 5 long years. He's almost done, as soon as he gets Le Fontaine he will be done. The trouble is that Le Fontaine just keeps slipping through his fingers. He's talking with his partner in a small inn in the English countryside about just this problem when a young woman comes into the room. He's curious about her timing and about exactly what she's heard. He belittles her without intending to, and little does he know how great of an enemy he's made. Sorrel Kendrick is a young woman, she's tired of everyone treating her as though she's an invalid. She has a limp, but please everyone just leave her alone and treat her normally. When Philip belittles her, she is not happy, and even less happy when they are both guests of the same host at an extended…

More Reviews

I had a couple of reviews of books go up on other sites today. You can check out my review of the new Beyonders book here.

And also my review of Caller ID here.

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Clockwork Prince

This is a sequel to Clockwork Angel, which happens to be a prequel series to The Mortal Instruments series. I haven't read any of The Mortal Instruments series and the books still make sense, but you definitely want to read Clockwork Angel before this one. Tessa lives in Victorian London. She moved there from the United States, because her brother Nate asked her to after her Aunt Harriet died. Unfortunately, Nate only wanted her to come to London because The Magister wanted to marry her and use Tessa's power that she didn't even know she had for himself. Tessa was rescued by the Shadowhunters, who she still lives with at the start of this book. But there's a possibility that the safety that Tessa has found with the Shadowhunters could be taken away. Charlotte, the director of the Institute, is being threatened. Certain Shadowhunters no longer want her to be director. It's up to Tessa, Will, and Jem to figure out just why they want Charlotte gone and ultimately to f…


Sadie is a young woman in her prime. She has a wealthy foreign boyfriend, her mom is her best friend and she has a decent paying job at a ski resort in Montana. On Christmas Eve, however, she finds out just how unperfect her life really is. The FBI comes to talk to her about spying on her perfect boyfriend. She wouldn't have given another thought to them had he not hit her so hard that she passed out when he found out that they had slipped a listening device in her purse without her consent or knowledge. Seeing the rage in his eyes, Sadie knows that she has to get out of his cabin before he comes after her again. So she breaks out of a window into a terrible snow storm. Knowing death by hypothermia is a real option and coming quick, Sadie climbs into the only shelter that she can find, which happens to be a truck parked next to a cabin. She means to only warm up, but unknowingly falls asleep and is found by 4 men staying in the cabin on a ski holiday. These men scare her at first,…

It's a Big World Little Pig

It's time for the World Games in Paris, France, and Poppy a little ice skater from New Pork City receives an invitation to compete. She wants to go, but she's scared, Paris is after all a very long way from New Pork City. But with some gentle encouragement from her family and friends, Poppy is off to Paris to compete against others that don't speak the same language she does. Her best friend Emma reminds her that we all smile in the same language and that helps Poppy a lot. She's able to go and make new friends and conquer some old fears. I enjoyed the message of this book. My 5 year-old and I read this book together. She liked it so much that she read it right away again to herself. The we had to go and borrow the first one from the library! I've enjoyed reading these books about a little pig from New Pork City!

Dream Big Little Pig!

Poppy is a little pig growing up in New Pork City. She has big dreams about what she wants to do with her life. She tries those things out and realizes that maybe they just are not for her after all. And then she sees some people ice skating. As soon as she tries it, she knows that her life will never be the same. Through all of her ups and downs she's supported and encouraged by her parents, grandparents and best friend. I was able to read the second book about Poppy (not to worry, review coming soon!) but I hadn't read the first book. It seemed so necessary to read the first book. I don't think it matters if you read them in order. My five year-old and I enjoyed reading this story about Poppy together a couple of times. I think she even read it to herself at least once. I love how Kristi Yamaguchi has characters that encourage Poppy to chase her dreams. It's what every child, and especially every young girl needs to hear. You go, girl! Dream Big, Little Pig!

Something New

I have been doing reviews for Fire and Ice for a couple of months now, it was kind of an amazing birthday present for me! Anyway, my pic and bio went up yesterday. You can check it out here.

The Tide of the Mermaid Tears

Ember Taffee lives with her mother and sister in a cottage by the sea. She loves to walk along the ocean, especially in the morning and evening, and search for treasures in the sand. Some of her very favorite treasures are Mermaid Tears, or Sea Glass. Glass that's been in the sea so long, it's smoothed and shaped like a perfect tear. One morning, just as she's about to give up her treasure hunting, she finds five beautiful Mermaid tears, and then she finds a man washed up on the beach. This is no ordinary man, he's extraordinarily handsome, so much so that Ember pretends to herself that he's a present for her from  Neptune himself. The man needs help, so Ember helps him to her cottage so that her mother can care for the man. Ridge West has some secrets that he's not willing to share with the helpful Taffee family, simply to protect them from any harm that they might share for helping him. But soon he falls deeply in love with Ember. Little does he know that she…