The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus #3)

Annabeth is so excited to finally see Percy again, it's been six long months of not knowing where he is, but she's finally found him and within moments of seeing him. When Annabeth and her friends find Camp Jupiter, the Roman equivalent of Camp Half-Blood, they aren't quite sure what to expect. Camp Jupiter has just had a huge fight with a giant and they are uncertain who or what survived the fight. All is well in Annabeth's world as soon as she spots Percy. But the guardian of Camp Jupiter will not allow the ship that Annabeth, Leo, Jason, Piper and Coach Hedge traveled on to land in their camp. Thinking quickly, they ask permission to leave it tethered in the sky above the camp which they are allowed to do. But mysteriously Leo ends up enchanted and fires at the camp, dooming the good will of Camp Jupiter to our heroes. All they know is that 7 of them, 3 from one camp 4 from another, must journey together on a dangerous quest. This quest will be made even more dangerous because of the fact that Camp Jupiter thinks there is a war between the two camps and will be trying to stop them at every turn. Will the friends be able to complete their quest and save their friends at camp before it's too late?

I love these books! Rick Riordan has done an excellent job of making mythology both Greek and Roman cool for elementary/ junior high kids. He's made amazing characters that battle amazing enemies. The plot lines are exciting and well written. I don't have anything at all to complain about in these series. I know that my daughter is looking forward to reading this one, she's been hounding me about finishing it, ever since she found out I was reading this one. You do want to read these in order, you should also read the Percy Jackson series first or you won't be able to understand an awful lot of what's going on and where the characters came from.

I was able to borrow this one from my local library, but you can also buy it. 

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