In the Dark Streets Shineth

Summary from Goodreads: Days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt met at the White House. It was Christmas Eve, 1941. As war raged throughout the world, the two leaders delivered a powerful message that still resonates today. This picture-filled book also includes a DVD of McCullough's presentation of this story with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

My Review: I picked this book up from Deseret Book for $1.99, it comes with a DVD, I figured that was an amazing deal. This book doesn't take very long to read, there are a lot of pictures in it and not very many words per page. The words that are there are very inspirational. I love reading the words of Winston Churchill, he was an amazing man. I also loved reading David McCullough's words as he's talking about the visit that the two men (Churchill and Roosevelt) shared that Christmas Eve. I could just picture the situation, in the middle of the war, secretly coming to America and speaking to the people gathered there and I'm sure broadcast over the radio for the whole country to hear. I loved this little book, it's a great book to read every Christmas to remind us of what some of our carols should mean to us.

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