The 13th Day of Christmas

9 year-old Charlee is getting used to her new reality. Her family no longer has a home of their own, they now live in a trailer in a much smaller town than they lived in before. She has no friends and her older brother Zach just wants to play video games. Then Charlee meets Miss Marva. Miss Marva is a widow living by herself in the only home in the small trailer park where Charlee's family lives. Charlee and Miss Marva become BFF's despite their large age difference. They are almost inseparable. Miss Marva knows that times are hard for Charlee's family and she wants to help them have a nice Thanksgiving, so she invites the whole family. The day is beautiful and they all have such a great time, but dinner's not even over before Charlee ends up collapsed on the kitchen floor unconscious. After hours of waiting in the hospital waiting room, they are given the bad news, Charlee has a large brain tumor that must be removed at once. Things look really bleak for the family after that, until 12 days before Christmas Charlee receives a note from some elves that have chosen her and her family for a very special 13 day of Christmas. This simple act of service will change the lives of Charlee and her family forever!

This was such a great book! I loved reading about Charlee and Miss Marva. I liked the characters in this book, I know I always say that, but I think being able to get to "know" and like the characters is a big part of liking a book. I liked the story line, it seemed really relevant with the way the economy is right now, and I know there are a lot of people out there whose lives have been touched by cancer the way the character's lives were in the story.

I loved the way the book ends and I really loved the lesson of the 13th Day of Christmas. I really wanted to talk about this book before people get the the 12 Days of Christmas, just in case anyone wants to take the challenge in the book and do 13 instead. This is a must read Christmas book, this year and every year!

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