Journey to the Fringe

War is threatening in the kingdom of Lyria, the Southern realm is trying to take over Lyria. Things look especially dark when Princess Ivy, the most beloved to the Lyrians is abducted. None of the Lyrians are sure just what to do, so it takes a while, but eventually a small number of them set out to save her from the Fringe, a far distant and dangerous place for them to go. Our heroes for this adventure are Simon, he's a fool, Gilda, she's a witch who's just had her witches trade stone revoked because she's never actually done magic, Burr, a small boy who steals away into the ship the heroes are on and Merrick, captain of the vessel they are to sail on. These heroes, along with Princess Ivy will go to far off places, fight the evil with in their midst and most importantly learn valuable lessons about themselves and others, in their quest to get back to Lyria and help in the coming battle before it's too late.

I LOVED this book! I've had it on hold at the library for an awfully long time and was finally able to get a copy. This book was well worth the wait. I loved the plot, it's fast moving and engaging. I love the characters, they seem real and go through real things, even though they live in a make believe land. I loved that it's clean. You must read this book! So great.

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