Blog Tour - Open Fire: J Golden Kimball Takes on the South

Summary from Goodreads: In this fast paced story filled with holy hi-jinx and missionary mayhem, Golden squares off with his characteristic cowboy sense of humor against everything from spiteful preachers to the threat of death at the hands of the terrible Ku Klux Klan. Join Golden as he takes on the South with these unbelievable, true stories.

J Golden Kimball is a bit of a legendary character to those of the LDS (Mormon) faith. He's well known for his colorful language and character. The myths about this character abound. In this fun book, author Scott M Hurst, introduces us to J Golden Kimball from his very beginnings. One of the many sons of pioneer Heber C Kimball, Golden had not intention of serving a mission. He was far happier ranching. One day when he was nearing 30, his beloved mother secures a promise from him to at least ask if a mission would be an option for him. He asks and when he never hears back from the Church, he knows that a mission isn't for him and he realizes that he must get on with his life. He goes to Salt Lake City by chance one day and is approached by a secretary to the First Presidency telling him that President Taylor would like to talk to him. Golden is surprised when President Taylor asks him why he never responded to his call, he'd never received one. It must have been lost in the mail but Golden quickly learns that he's to be called to the Southern States Mission and he's to leave in a week. Quickly Golden gets his affairs together and is on his way to what will be one of the most trying experiences of his life. Along the way, he'll meet fiery preachers, Ku Klux Klan members, and many Southerners opposed to Mormonism. And he'll make his crazy mistakes that he became known for.

I really enjoyed reading this book! There were lots of things that J Golden Kimball did or said that made me laugh out loud at them as I was reading this book. I liked the way that you saw things from his perspective. I thought that the story line was interesting, who wouldn't want to learn more about this crazy character. I liked the humility that J Golden Kimball possessed all through his life. This book is a must read for all you lovers of history out there! 

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