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Jeremy is a young boy, who just wants to be "normal" and be able to run and play with the other kids. Jeremy was in a car accident when he was a small child and he became paralyzed and wheelchair bound. Jeremy barely remembers being able to run and play. His parents are just grateful that he's survived, and believe that one day he will be healed and able to walk again. Jeremy has found it to painful to continue to hope for something that will never be, so he's given up his hope that he could ever be healed and is starting to wonder if there really is a caring God. On Christmas Eve he goes to sleep trying to understand and has an amazing dream, he has no idea that this dream will change his outlook on life and his whole life in general.

This book was really cute! I enjoyed Jeremy's story. I really enjoyed his dream. The really fun thing about this book is the music that goes with it. It kind of reminded me of The Forgotten Carols, because when you buy this book you also get a CD of the music that goes with the story. The music is beautiful, I love how it fits into Jeremy's dream and story. This book will become a favorite Christmas tradition for families that take the time to read it and listen to the music.

You can listen to samples of music for yourself here.

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