Tiger's Destiny Again!

I actually reviewed this book earlier this year for Fire and Ice, click here to read previous review, but the advanced copy that I read then didn't have the ending included. I still wanted to read the ending (duh!) so I stayed on the list for the library's copy. I just finished reading this book again, here's a few thoughts about it. 

I really enjoyed the ending! I thought that it ended in a perfect way to end the series. I'm kind of confused though, because Goodreads shows that there's going to be a fifth book in the series, Tiger's Dream. I'm not sure what would happen in that book, but if there really ends up being a fifth one, I'm totally going to read it! 

I love reading this series, every one of the books has been basically clean, there might be a mild swear word in a few of the books, but that's pretty much it. The books are exciting with lots of action. The places that Ren, Kelsey and Kishan visit are places that I could have never imagined with mythical creatures that I never would have imagined either. This is a really great series and a great time to start reading the series, because there are already 4 released.

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