Prince Tennyson

Chelsea is a young girl, she's not sure what she believes about God, but she's gone to Church with her grandmother, and they said that God was real, but her mom said that he's not real. Who should she believe? She knows that she needs to find out, so that she can be sure just where her dad is. Her dad was in the Iraq war and one dreadful Wednesday some soldiers came to their home and told them that he had been killed. That's when Chelsea's world came crashing down for the first time. Then her mom had a mental breakdown and the family came to live with her grandma in Phoenix. But her Wednesdays never seem to get any better, in fact, Chelsea is ready to ask the principal at her school if they can just skip Wednesdays every week. Her teacher doesn't understand about her dad, Chelsea's class had to write a story about someone they knew and Chelsea chose to write about her dad, who everybody called Prince Tennyson, because of the way that he treated others. When Chelsea started reading it aloud to the class, some kids laughed and her teacher got mad and ripped up Chelsea's paper, saying that it wasn't supposed to be a fairy-tale, this happened on a Wednesday too, of course! Now, Chelsea must find out for herself, and maybe for her mom too, if God is real and if that's where her dad has gone.

This book was so amazing! I loved it, although it did make me cry really hard. Chelsea was so sweet as she went about her way trying to determine if God was real, and just where her dad was. I loved how she enlisted the help of those around her, he mom and even a little boy who went to school with her. The ending was a tear-jerker, seriously, read this one, but just know that when you read it you are going to cry and cry hard! I don't know how much it is now, but I was able to pick the kindle version of it up for free, you might want to watch, cause I know you want to read it!

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