Bah, Humbug!

It's almost Christmas and popular TV hostess Lexi Anderson has just moved into her new home on Christmas Street in Salt Lake City. Christmas Street is what the locals call it, because there are such amazing Christmas decorations there. Lexi is sure she'll fit right in because she loves to decorate and entertain. She gets ready for her first taping of her show at her new home by building a snowman with her kids, Trista and Steven. She's coming back from inviting her new neighbors to a dinner she's catering when she spots a man wrecking her perfect snowman. Little does she know that the man is her next door neighbor, a scrooge and her kid's favorite author, Kyle Miller. Kyle is just trying to get his newest Jared Strong novel finished before his January deadline and avoid his family about his turn to host Christmas this year. But his life is turned upside down when he meets his new neighbor Lexi. Will his Christmas's ever be the same again?

This was such a cute novella! I got this book for my kindle for free. I think it's normally $.99, it was a fun, quick read. The characters are quirky and it definitely gets you in the mood for Christmas, which is coming up sooner than I would like to think! Worth reading, you know you want to!

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