The Haunting of Autumn Lake

Autumn is the daughter of Handsome Ransom and Vaden Lake. She's grown up seeing just how madly in love her parents are and she knows that she wants a love that will love her in exactly the same way. She was named after the season Autumn which happens to be her mother's favorite season and she loves it too! The pumpkins, leaves changing, apples ripening and, being scared silly by legends, she loves the whole thing! One day while she's in town helping her aunt and uncle at their store, a group of cowboys comes into town and one of them is seriously wounded. Autumn is very compassionate and immediately goes to the cowboy and holds his head in her lap so that it doesn't have to rest on the dirty street. When he opens his blue eyes, she knows that this is the cowboy for her! As he gets well, she spends lots of time with him, hoping that he will soon fall for her too and love her the same way that her daddy loves her mamma. Only time will tell whether Autumn's romance will grow into love.

I was really excited to read another story about Ransom Lake. I thought that Autumn was a good character, romantic and sweet, I liked the cowboy Gentry too. I thought that the story of what happened to Autumn that Gentry saves her from went a little farther than I would have liked. It's still basically "clean" but I didn't like how the story talks about a guy putting his hands on her where he shouldn't have. 

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