The Guardian Duke

Gabriel, also known as the Duke of St. Easton, is living his life as normally as he can. He loves music and goes to live performances as often as he can. One evening he's at such a performance when he is interrupted by the Prince Regent's men, they give him a letter from the Prince. The letter from the Prince asks that Gabriel become guardian for a female that he has never met, Lady Alexandria Featherstone. He knows nothing more about her than her name and that her parents are missing, presumed dead. Unfortunately, as soon as he's given the letter something strange happens to Gabriel, his hearing simply no longer works. Completely deaf, he makes his way to his home where he will see the best doctors that money can buy with no assurance of any change in his hearing. Knowing he must do his duty by Lady Alexandria, he sends his secretary a man he simply calls Meade to visit her on her island and inform her of her parents demise. Alexandria refuses to believe that her parents have died, even though it's been nearly a year since she has had any news from them and she decides that she will be the one to find them. She takes off on her own, swearing her faithful servants to secrecy, but she forgets that it is not wise for a lady to travel alone. Will the Duke of St Easton find her before damage can come to her and to her reputation? 

I enjoyed this story, it was clean, it was romantic. The characters were well written. I had hoped for a different ending. The ending was not very romantic and not happy, but there is a sequel to this book, so hopefully the whole story will end happily. 

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