Table for Two

Jana's life is going nowhere and fast! She has a job as a legal secretary that she hates. Her "boyfriend" Brad creeps her out and she's not sure why, her mom likes him and can't wait for her to get settled down. She knows that she needs to do something different with her life but she's not sure just what. Out of the blue one day she gets a call from a man in Seattle, who says that he's responding to a resume that she sent to him...over a year ago. She's not quite sure about the man, Alex, but he convinces her to come for an interview and throws in quite a few perks, free car rental, flights for her and her mom, meals at a fancy restaurant, and Jana can't refuse. It becomes even harder for Jana to refuse the job when she meets Alex and his young daughter and hears the story of the boutique that Alex wants her to set up in the house that's next door to his. Alex's wife was going to make a boutique, she'd planned everything out, the only thing she didn't plan on was getting sick and dying. Alex wants the boutique put together so that his daughter has something to remember her mother by, and he wants Jana to do it. Very soon though Jana develops feelings for Alex that she knows she shouldn't have because he's her boss and also a non-member. Those feelings aren't going away and when she realizes that Alex has feelings for her too, she becomes very confused about everything. Can she get past her confusion and reach for her future before it's too late?

I really enjoyed this book! I had a hard time wanting to put it down. Jana and her feelings and emotions felt so real to me, and Alex was just too amazing of a romantic interest. I loved the story and the lesson that Jana eventually learns about her Heavenly Father's love for each of us!

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