Code Word

Carina Channing has been on the run for the last couple of years. She grew up as a member of a mob family in Chicago, that she now refers to as simply "The Family", but her mom knew that she didn't want her three daughters raised that way, so she moved them to a neighborhood in Colorado that she felt they would be safe in and never looked back. Unfortunately, their father found out where they were living and killed Carina's mother when the girls were out for pizza together. Carina knows how "The Family" is and knows that she must keep herself and younger sisters hidden. The only problem is that a member of "The Family" appears to have found her, she keeps telling him to leave her alone, but he doesn't listen and soon she has to rely on almost total strangers to keep her and her youngest sister, Bianca, safe from the mob. One of those total strangers is Jay Wellman, he's a member of the Saint Squad of Navy Seals, he happens to be on leave, and is there right when Carina needs help. Will he be able to keep Carina and her sister safe with his growing feelings for Carina?

I enjoy the books in the Saint Squad series. I thought this one was good as well, I had a hard time putting it down. I like the characters and care about what happens to them, that's important to me. What I really like about Traci Hunter Abramson's books is that the characters from all of her books make appearances where you would least expect them to. It's like running into old friends!

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