A Farewell to Charms (Princess for Hire #3)

Desi has made level 3 in the Facade Agency, she's preparing to be Matched to a princess and never sub for another princess again. She's not sure how she feels about that, because she's only been with Facade for six months and she hasn't subbed for very many princesses. She's thrilled to be the youngest sub to ever reach level 3, but she knows something that's really bothering her. After her last adventure she learned something dark and sinister about Facade and she's not quite sure what to do about it. She's hoping that her handsome friend Reed (of course she doesn't have a crush on him, her best friend Kylee does, so Desi certainly doesn't!), who she found out works for the male version of Facade will be able to help her figure out what to do about her secret. But will Desi be able to fix it before Facade realizes what she's doing and has her sub-sanitized?

I really have enjoyed this series. I love Desi, I love all of her faults and her caring heart. I love her friends, and especially the princesses that she subs for. I'm sad to see the series end, but I did like the way that it ended, even though it is the end (is that confusing enough for you?!)! I hope that Lindsey Leavitt writes more of these kinds of books/series for teenage girls!

I'm finding that I don't have as much time as I would like right now, so for awhile (most likely the rest of the school year) I'm going to go back to just three posts a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, unless something spectacular comes up or I'm able to think up an idea that doesn't leave me reading five brand new books every week. 

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