The Savage Grace (The Dark Divine #3)

This is the third in the Dark Divine series. Grace and Daniel had been able to save Grace's brother Jude at the end of the last Dark Divine novel. This one starts out with Daniel stuck in his werewolf form as a white wolf. Grace is uncertain how to help him escape from this form and it's breaking her heart that he seems to be pulling away from her, even though she also fights the wolf that lives inside of her from the bite that Jude gave her. Jude is currently living in the basement of their father's church because he doesn't trust himself not to turn back to the wolf and fight against Grace and Daniel again. But there are problems coming. The whole town is on edge from the apparent wolf attacks that have been happening. One local grocer has even bought pure silver bullets and donated them to the cause. This is especially dangerous for Daniel, as every night he howls loudly enough for the whole town to hear and it's terrifying everyone. There also will be a challenge as Sirhan, a leader of a pack of werewolves is close to death and he needs a successor, this will be a bloody battle full of traitors and with no other option than death or victory.

I have to say that I had a hard time getting into this one, I think part of it was that I didn't remember what had happened in the last novel very well. I do like Grace, and I think the whole werewolf controlling themselves thing she does is pretty amazing. I like that she's just a normal pastor's daughter who is trying to take care of her brother, boyfriend, injured dad and sick mom, even while finishing her senior year of high school and fighting the wolf that lives inside her. The battle scenes in this one were pretty intense. I did like the ending as well. I'm not sure if there are going to be more in this series, but I hope so! I want to know what happens with Grace and Daniel.

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