The Only Way to Paradise

MacKenzie, Roxie, Sara and Georgia have dubbed themselves "The Crazy Ladies of Oakwood." This because they are all in a group therapy session together, but none of them is really quite sure why any of the others are there. One day, fed up with their therapist and sure she has no idea what any of them need, they decide to blow off their session in favor of a movie instead. As they are watching a romantic movie about Italy, they all wonder "If Italy is so wonderful, what are we doing in Ohio?" This seemingly random thought has Georgia announcing that she wants to fly them all to Italy so that they can experience it themselves. It takes some persuasion to get some of them to agree to go, but they all go, and so do their secrets and their fears. Will the wonderfulness of Florence, Italy be able to cure them forever of their secret problems and allow them to just be themselves?

I'm not quite sure what to say about this one. I thought that the premise of the story sounded fun, but it seemed to be kind of bogged down to me, I had kind of a hard time getting into the story and "knowing" the characters. Maybe part of it was just that there were so many characters and the story switched points of view a lot. Don't know. This story was OK for me, when I normally love GG Vandagriff's style.

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