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The Lost Stones

Ammon Rogers is a BYU student, he's returned from his second tour of duty in the middle east, and he's trying to make up for lost time. Ammon fell away from the LDS Church in his teenage years, much to the chagrin of his parents, so he's trying to learn all he can about the Church at BYU. This involves taking many religion classes, where he usually feels pretty stupid, because he doesn't know the answers. A common phrase he hears from his classmates is “Didn't you ever go to primary?” Ammon is also trying to study alternative fuel souces so that he will be able to help get rid of the big oil companies that seem to hold much of America's money in their grasp. As he's studying alternative fuel sources, however, he attracts the attention of The Accident Man, a man who causes “accidents” for those that seem to be a threat to big oil. This man has caused “accidents” for countless scientists and college students trying to come up with an alternative fuel source that will make oil obsolete. One day in his religion class, Ammon asks a question that will change his life forever, “What happened to the stones that the Brother of Jared saw the finger of the Lord touch?” His religion teacher has no idea, but says that he knows the one man who might. His name is John, John also doesn't know what happened to the stones but is willing to search to see if he can find out. His search will begin in Mexico. But when John vanishes, his daughter, Sariah, comes to Ammon and demands his help in finding what happened to her father. Thus starts the race against time to find her father, figure out what happened to the stones and avoid the dangerous Accident Man. Will any of the three of them survive the race?

I enjoyed reading this book! The plot was engaging and action packed. I wanted to know what happened next. The characters were fun, I did wonder if they maybe didn't get as fully developed as I would have liked, the book is quite short at 192 pages, so that might be part of why I didn't ever feel like I “knew” the characters. This book will be enjoyed by any people who've ever wondered as Ammon did, “What ever happened to the 16 stones?”


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About the CD: Award-winning tenor Nathan Pacheco has toured the world featured alongside world-class artists such as Yanni, Katherine Jenkins, and Placido Domingo. In all of his travels across South America, through Europe and Asia, and across America, Nathan often includes spiritually rooted and uplifting songs in his repertoire. This album is a collection of his favorite songs that connect with those spiritual moments from his performances across the world. These songs take the listener on a beautiful journey with classic hymns such as "Be Thou My Vision," soaring Italian epics like "Nella Fantasia," and modern classics such as "Forever," by Kari Jobe. Performing with intimate acoustic backing and often featuring piano and cello, Nathan's desire with this album is to help people reach higher, to feel deeper spiritual connection, and to find peace through songs that life the soul.

Track List
1. Forever
2. Be Thou My Vision
3. The Lord’s Prayer
4. His Love

Kayaks and Kisses

About the book: Brynn Caley is about to start her dream career running an outdoor sporting goods store when an out-of-town business guru makes his own offer on the property. Coerced into forming a temporary partnership, Brynn, with her ski experience, finds she has to work with fishing expert Gage to run the year-round shop. 

Through a series of innocent misconceptions and a few blatant lies, Brynn doesn’t realize that the handsome single guy on the construction crew is her new partner, and he doesn’t want to set her straight until he can gain her favor. She, on the other hand, would do anything not to work with the stuffy businessman she’s only met through email. 

Inspired by the movies You’ve Got Mail and The Shop around the Corner, Kayaks & Kisses is a heart-warming tale of finding love in autumn leaves, outdoor activities, and new friendships.

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Blog Tour - Love and Fat Free Cheese

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