Rules of Engagement

Samantha Skyler is a BYU coed. She's just like any other BYU coed, she goes to all the singles events, dates the boys that ask her out, hangs out quite a bit with the boys that live in her ward. She has some amazing roommates, but she's ready to move on with her life. Things don't seem to be working out that way though. The boy that she's been dating just told her that it's a better idea to be "friends" than to date. Unfortunately he's the dad of her family home evening group and that means that she'll see him at least once a week for a while longer and she'll have to see him flirt with all of her FHE sisters. FHE is just ending when Harrison Bean shows up at their apartment. He tells the roommates that he will be able to get them all engaged by the end of the semester, only a month away if they will all agree to follow his plan. It takes some convincing, but soon the roommates, Stephanie, Ashley, Emma and Brooke agree to follow his advice. What happens next is just a comedy of errors with roommate pitted against roommate. But will any of the girls really find her Prince Charming among the guys from their singles ward?

I think I actually read this book when it came out a few years ago, but I really didn't remember anything about it. It's a pretty zany story with all kinds of crazy college stunts in it, prank pulling, kicking a hook hanging from a ceiling, and boyfriend stealing are all a part of the plot. This is a cute story, a quick read with nothing overly heavy in it.

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