Finding Faith

Kit Matthews is a California girl, she loves the sun and living in that warm place, but her dad loses his job and when he gets another one it's in Logan, Utah. Not a place that Kit has ever even wanted to visit! It ends up being kind of hard for Kit to make friends, every one seems to be shying away from her because she's a "non-member." Kit's not even sure what that means. But then she meets Janet one day at the mall, she had seen Janet before, they were even in a class together, but they hadn't spoken. Janet is a wonderful girl that everyone likes because she's so kind and loving. Janet takes Kit into her family and the whole family loves Kit likes she's one of their own, especially Janet's older brother Adam. Kit falls in love very quickly with Adam, but she soon discovers that he's going to be leaving for two years on a mission for his Church. Kit's not sure what that means, only that two years is a long time for Adam to be gone from her life when he only just got there. But as he's serving his mission, Kit soon realizes that she needs to be doing something while he's gone - finding faith of her own.

I read this book in preparation for the Choosing Charity blog hop that I'm going to be a part of in a couple of days, only to realize that I actually read it when it came out (what can I say, I read a LOT of books!), but I hadn't read it or thought about it in a long time, so it was kind of like finding an old friend. I enjoyed the story of this book, and I felt like the characters were real, I laughed with them and I cried with them too! I can't wait to tell you about the other two books in the next couple of days, Having Hope will be tomorrow and Choosing Charity on Friday. Make sure to come back on Friday, there will be a giveaway in connection with Choosing Charity and I wouldn't want you to miss out!

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