Dangerous Favor

Mathilde is 18, so she feels kind of stupid trailing after her brother to one of his tournaments, but her father insisted. Mathilde doesn't know anyone in the tournament besides her brother, but she knows that she needs an ally and fast! Her father has been accused of stealing from the king, and that had made their family lose all of their wealth and good standing. Mathilde figures that if she finds a knight that would be willing to help her find out what really happened to the things her father was accused of stealing, she can make her family right again. It wouldn't hurt if the knight was handsome or wealthy either. Enter Lord Therri and Etienne. Therri is amazingly handsome, Mathilde refers to him as the Vision, but he doesn't even really notice Mathilde. Etienne is another matter altogether. He thinks that Mathilde is beautiful, but knows as the younger son that he must marry someone with a great dowry. Things at the tournament get out of hand and in order to protect her, Mathilde's brother, cuts her hair and leaves her with Etienne and Therri as a squire, only they don't know that it's Mathilde, they think she's her twin Mathieu. That's when all the craziness happens!

This was a fun book. I liked the plot, set in Medival times. I liked the characters. I like how all the characters in Joyce DiPatena's novels intermingle, so you can tell what happens to them after their stories end. I like the romantic parts and that it's completely clean. 

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