Betsy-Tacy and Tib

In Betsy-Tacy we saw the friendship of Betsy and Tacy form little by little. And at the end we saw a new girl enter the plot, Tib. In this book, Betsy, Tacy and Tib are 9 years old, they love nothing more than to play together and, of course, get into trouble together, like only 9 year-old girls can. Some of the things they did in this book had me, and my two daughters (11 and 6) rolling with laughter. There was the time they went to play on the Big Hill and decided they were starving, so they made themselves as dirty as they could and went begging for food at the one house on the Hill. Unfortunately, Betsy's older sister Julia and Tacy's older sister Katie, showed up at the same house right before they were able to get their spoils. I've really enjoyed reading these classic books with my daughters. Luckily there are still another 8 to read. Highly recommend these ones!

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