Through His Eyes

Have you ever cleaned out a closet? Do you start just by taking one thing at a time and move it to it's proper place or do you empty the whole closet and put everything either back where it's been or in a new and different place? That is the idea behind this book by Virginia H Pearce, except we're not cleaning out closets here, we're cleaning out thoughts from our mind. Thoughts color our world and our emotions and make us think and do things in a certain way. Some of our thoughts are Truths, some are true and some are just plain not true. In this book we are taught how to examine our beliefs and determine just which are true and which are maybe not at all true. 

I enjoyed this book. I was able to read it quite quickly and I discovered some things about myself while reading it. I think that I am going to have to read it again soon so that I can change the way that I see myself, and the way that I look at those around me too.

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