The Lemonade War

Evan Treski is going into the 4th grade in just a few days, that would be just fine, except for the fact that his younger sister, Jessie, is skipping the 3rd grade and going into the 4th as well. In. The. Same. Class. Not really an awesome situation for any 4th grader and Evan doesn't really see himself as school smart. So Evan is mad at Jessie and he's trying to avoid her for the last few days before the new school year starts, which isn't really working that well. Evan decides that he needs to get out of the house and...what...sell some lemonade, but not with Jessie, with another boy. Jessie is furious that Evan doesn't want to sell lemonade with her, they always sell lemonade together, and she's not at all sure why he seems to be mad at her all of a sudden. Jessie decides that she needs to sell lemonade too, with a 4th grade girl, that will show Evan. Just like that, the contest is on. Who can sell the most lemonade and make the most money before school starts - winner take all. But will their fight ever end?

I read this book for an event that I volunteer with in the summer. We have a book club for the older kids, and this is the first book they are reading. I thought that it was a fun book, I liked the way that the book talks about how to make your lemonade stand better, I think that marketing things like lemonade is a good skill for kids to have, they can use those skills later in life. I liked the way the book ended, and how it shows kids to forgive and move on. Really a cute book!

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