The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter

Amber is a young girl, she goes to a private school. Her favorite subject is archaeology and her favorite teacher is Ms. Holcomb, but every one just calls her Dorothy. Dorothy takes Amber on a top secret mission into the local museum in the middle of the night and they very nearly get caught by the security guards. That's a pretty amazing experience for Amber, but it's kind of ruined by Dorothy announcing to her that she's got to go on a top secret trip, leaving immediately. She's not even going to escort Amber back to school, but she gives Amber a gift first, a beautiful necklace with an amazing blue stone on it. A few weeks later, Amber and her friends are slogging through their end of the year finals, when they receive a letter from Dorothy saying that she's not coming back to school that year. This letter seems odd to Amber because of some of the things that Dorothy says, and she and her friends, Joe, Lisa, and Trendon soon determine that it's a coded message to the 4 of them. Dorothy has been kidnapped and it's up to the 4 kids to save her, unfortunately they have several bad guys after them, and there appears to be a trail of death that follows anyone connected to Dorothy and her disappearance. And soon there's a traitor, it's up to Amber and Trendon to save the day and find Dorothy.

This book was so fun! I loved the story line, I loved the adventure, the characters were amazing. I can't wait to read the second adventure!

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