The Avenues

Ty is a player. All he thinks about is girls and how to get more girls to like him. Then one day he's at a class to learn how to train for a marathon, he's there to get the girl who's teaching, Amy, to finally go out with him, but as he's there stretching out he sees the most amazing girl! And he knows that he won't ever look at Amy or any other girl the same way. Ever. Again. The problem is that she wants nothing to do with him, he goes out of his way to make sure that this fabulous girl is his partner for the run that day, she's polite, but she takes off right after they are through running without even so much as a backward glance. He does at least learn her name, Rhea. He spends the next few days thinking of her and wondering just how he could get her to like him, even a little bit, then he realizes that she lives 2 houses down from him on the same street. Which is So. Not. Fair. Ty must go back to his LDS roots and make sure that Rhea knows that he is not a player any more. He only wants her, but how will he ever do that without scaring her off first? 

I am kind of embarrassed as to how long this book sat in my reader on my phone before I was able to get to it. I won it a while ago from the author, Sheralyn Pratt. I love this series and I love how this story is told from Ty's perspective. This book goes between City of Angels and Welcome to Stalk Lake City. I really like the change we see in Ty from the beginning of this book until the end, he turns out to be a really great guy and perfect for our heroine Rhea! 

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