Rocky Revada is a PI who lives in Logan, Utah, he's currently taken a much deserved and needed vacation in San Diego, California. But right in the middle of his amazing vacation he gets a phone call from his former boss, Glenn Gridley. Glenn is a man in need of a PI, or maybe a policeman. Glenn's championship roping horse is missing and he thinks that Rocky is just the man to find the horse and figure out who took him. Rocky, however, wants nothing to do with coming back from his vacation a week early. But after giving the matter some thought, decides that he should come home and take the case. Good thing too, because not only is Glenn's horse missing, his daughter, Shanice's, horse is also missing, both horses are worth an awful lot of money. Pretty soon Rocky realizes that money is a pretty good motivator to get people to steal things, and starts to follow Glenn's money trail from his ranch. Someone doesn't like that and Rocky starts to receive death threats, he realizes that they are not really threats when they find the first body, that of Shanice's ex-husband on the ranch property. Can Rocky figure out who's behind the murders and horse stealing before they get him too?

I always love to get a new Clair Poulson book to read. I always know that the story will be well written with a hint of romance, not too much though. They are clean and very mysterious. I didn't figure out who the thief and killer was before they were revealed in this book, I love that it's not too predictable. This was a great read!

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