The Serpent's Shadow

Carter and Sadie Kane have been able to send Rick Riordan another sound recording of their adventures trying to save the world from Chaos and it's snake Apophis. They only have 3 days left before the promised end of the world. They've been spending their time looking for a certain scroll that contains a spell that they are hoping will help them, the only problem is that by the time they get to one, Chaos is there to destroy it, there's only one left in Texas. But just like the last several times, it's destroyed right before their eyes. Carter, Sadie and Zia must find a way to restore Ma'at to the universe before sunrise on the third day. Along the way it would be nice to have some of the gods on their side, so they'll have to work on that too. They have their work cut out for them, hopefully the teenagers will be able to pull it off, or it's the end of the world for all of the rest of us!

I have to say that I've enjoyed this series. I was pretty sad when our 11 year old daughter pointed out the inside cover of the book where it says that this is the final book of the Kane Chronicles. I've enjoyed getting to "know" Sadie and Carter. I'm sad that there won't be any more of this series. I love how Rick Riordan has made Greek and Roman mythology "cool," I've always enjoyed that kind of thing myself, and he's bringing a love for mythology to a whole new generation!

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