The Detonation marked the end of the world as everyone knew it. Marking those outside of the dome with whatever object happened to be near them and killing many others. Pressia, picking up her luggage at the airport with her mother was fused with her doll that she was holding, it's now part of her hand. Her mother didn't make it. Her grandfather, who was coming to pick them up has a fan in his throat, he knows that it will eventually kill him, but he had to live to care for Pressia. Partridge lives in the dome, but his mother was killed and he's never forgiven his father. He's now working on a way out of the dome, but he will never believe the world that he finds outside. 

I have to say that I wanted to read this one, but I had a terrible time getting into the story. It's quite long (over 400 pages) and by the time I got to about 150 pages, I still wasn't into the story to the point that I cared about what happened to the characters. The language in the book also wasn't up to my standards, so I stopped reading it. 

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