Kingdom Keepers V: Shell Game

Finn, Maybeck, Charlene, Willa and Philby the Kingdom Keepers are now high school students, making their job of protecting the Disney World after dark a little bit harder. None of them have been getting a great deal of sleep because of the siege the Overtakers have been staging at the Engineering Base. To make matters more complicated they are all scheduled to be aboard the Disney Dream as it takes an historic cruise as the first ship through the newly designed Panama Canal. But this is not to be a pleasure cruise for the Kingdom Keepers, they must figure out just where the Overtakers have their server and take it out, before they are taken out themselves. They also have to watch out for the OTK, the kids with green eyes that are serving the Overtakers. With a bunch of their most trusted advisers and friends turning on them, the Keepers know that this is their most important mission yet! 

This series is a really fun one! You kind of get to go behind the scenes of Disney World through the eyes of the Kingdom Keepers. The series is clean, fun and full of action/adventure, plus amazing Disney characters from your favorite movies. What's not to like?

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