Heaven is Here

Stephanie Nielson and her husband were involved in a horrific airplane crash in Arizona in August of 2008. They were at the time the parents of 4 young children. Up to the plane crash they had lived fairly normal lives, doing normal things, falling in love, getting married, raising their young family, jobs and Christian Nielson learning to fly an airplane. The day of the crash, Christian and Stephanie, along with the pilot that had taught Christian to fly, were in an airplane on their way back from a pleasure trip to Christian's family's ranch when as they took off after filling up with gas, something went terribly wrong. The airplane crash was a fiery mess, and Stephanie woke up in the backseat of the plane, uncertain of how to unbuckle her own seatbelt and get herself out of the plane. She also had no idea where her husband or the other pilot was. She has a few memories of being in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, but beyond that, she remembers nothing until she woke up from her medically induced coma 3 months later to a very different reality. In pain and unable to move and sometimes even to open her eyes to see, Stephanie must find her faith to be able to move on with her life as a wife, mother and daughter of a loving family. 

I usually take longer to read non-fiction like this, but Stephanie's writing of this book is amazing. I was captivated by the story of her life, both before and after the crash. Stephanie is an amazing woman from whom we can learn so much from about faith and determination. I haven't ever followed her blog, but I had heard of her before I read this book, so I was excited to learn a little more about her and her story. I highly recommend this book! It was amazing!

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