Funeral Potatoes

Sydney is your typical Utah wife and mom. She doesn't enjoy funerals, but she really loves funeral potatoes and there doesn't seem to be any shortage of funerals to make them for in her life. Sydney is the mom of four crazy kids and that keeps her plenty busy, but not too busy to pray for her brother Ted. Ted is the only one of her siblings not married, and also the only one of her siblings inactive in the LDS faith. So Syd feels lots of concern for him and makes sure to pray for him. She feels like he needs to develop a testimony, so she makes sure to pray for him to have specific trials, things like car accidents, but not to serious ones of course. The funny thing is that every time she prays for something specific to happen to Ted, it does, and he usually calls her to tell her about it. But will Sydney ever learn to stop meddling and simply allow Ted, and her children, to learn their own life lessons.

This book was pretty humorous. I loved all the zany situations that Sydney gets herself and her family into while trying to balance being a wife, mother of 4, plus 2 dogs and a good sister. I thought that the book moved a bit slow, but it is definitely worth reading. 

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