Fins are Forever

Lily Sanderson is just getting used to the way her life is. She is about to turn 18 and renounce her title as mermaid princess of Thalassinia, so that she can stay on land with her true love and boy next door, Quince. One day, however, things change for Lily. The day started out just like any other day. She is has just finished up her Trig class when all of a sudden a large earthquake rocks Seaview High. Wait a minute...this is Florida, Florida doesn't have earthquakes! Later that same night, Lily is having a wonderful dinner of Italian takeout with her Aunt Rachel when there is a knock at the door. Thinking it's Quince coming to have dessert, Lily runs and opens the door only to find the person she least expects...her cousin Dosinia. Doe has been exiled by Lily's father the king, but she won't say what she did, it must have been bad, because not only was she exiled, she was exiled without her powers. It's up to Lily to help Doe come to love humans, and she's not quite sure how to do that, but it probably involves Seaview High and maybe even Lily's ex-crush Brody. 

This was a fun book, I thought that Tera Lynn Childs caught the essence of teenage life really well. I like the characters in these books, they seem like they could be real, even if they are mermaids. There were a few mild swear words, but nothing too terrible, and otherwise the book is clean.

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