It's 1944, Peter Eddy is in France on a dangerous mission to retrieve a code book that was stolen by the Nazi's. He knows that he has to get the book or die trying, but he's never stolen anything in his life. Peter is just a farm boy from a small town in Idaho, he joined the army when he learned that his older brother had died at Pearl Harbor, against his father's wishes. Now he's on a dangerous mission that no one even thinks that he's going to survive. He very nearly doesn't, but returns to the ship he left from with the code book, only to find that the ship's captain and only occupant has been killed and now the ship is commanded by a German captain and his lackey. Peter must get rid of both Germans in order to make it back to England. He is able to do that and wakes up in an English hospital. Soon he is given another mission. This time, he must become a secret agent in France and help the French Resistance to convince the Germans that the attack they are expecting will come, where they are expecting it, and not somewhere else. But Peter must be very careful and suspect everyone, because someone out there is a traitor.

I had a hard time getting into this story at first, but by the end I didn't want it to end. I was amazed at the depth of Peter's character. I love how well I was able to get to "know" him. The plot was intriguing, it's a book well worth reading!

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