Cold Justice

Regi Bernard and Samuel Tanner are finally going to have their happy life that they had planned as teenagers. They've overcome the murder charges that were going to be brought against Regi and Samuel is ready to be baptized. But when Samuel doesn't show up for his own baptism, and doesn't appear to be home, Regi is sure that he's run away from her again, but just for an instant. Soon she realizes that his truck is still at his house, and his animals haven't been being taken care of, something that Samuel would never neglect. Regi and her friend, Wakanda, call in Morgan, the local police and close friend of both Regi and Samuel. When they discover blood stains in Samuel's house and things missing, it becomes obvious that Samuel's been kidnapped. But who and why? Those answers lie to the north in Alaska and Regi, Wakanda and Regi's sister Claudia will go there and find them. Along the way they will discover things about Wakanda that she's kept secret from them. But will they be able to get to Samuel in time?

This book is the sequel to River Whispers, you should probably read it first to get the backstory on Regi and Samuel. I enjoyed the plot of this book, it was fast moving and compelling. I read the mysterious parts hoping that Regi and Samuel would be able to have the happy ending that they had been planning for. Did they? You'll have to read it to find out!

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