Betsy is so excited when a girl just her age moves in across the street. She can't wait to go meet her, but when she goes to meet her, the girl acts strange. She takes one look at Betsy and rushes into her house and locks the door. Betsy's unsure of what to think and tries to let the girl know that all she wanted was to know her name. But the little girl doesn't reply and Betsy heads home. Right then the little girl opens the door and yells one word, Tacy, but Betsy, having never heard that name before thinks that Tacy is calling her a name, she heads for home, feeling sad that that little girl will never be her friend. That small misunderstanding starts a story of Betsy and Tacy that will last for generations. 

I had never heard of the Betsy-Tacy books before I read the last Mother Daughter Book Club book. I probably would never have heard of them, and I would be missing out on some amazing classic literature. I'm glad that I was able to find these books easily, I read this one with our two daughters (6 and 11) and we've enjoyed reading about Betsy and Tacy. I like that these books are fiction, but based on real people, and the things that happen in the book really happened to those people. I love the old pictures and the story of how it came to be in the back. If you haven't read these classic books than you really should!

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