Whisper Hollow

Talitha Spencer has lived an idyllic life in a small hollow in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee with her parents. Now though, the Civil War is raging across the land, forcing her father into hiding in a cave in what the family calls Whisper Hollow. He's able to come and help Tally and her mother with chores occasionally, like when he plowed the cornfield in the middle of the night. One pleasant day, a group of confederate soldiers appears on their property, demanding their only horse, food, chickens and anything else they can carry away. Tally and her mother really don't like the way that one of the soldiers is looking at her, it's downright scary, so when they finally leave, Tally goes to tell her father about it. Her father is concerned as well, and decides to spend the evening with Tally and her mother in their home. But while Tally is searching for the family's goat in the forest, she hears a horrible sound, a gunshot. She runs for home as fast as she can, but when she gets there she finds her father dead in their home and her mother badly beaten and unconscious in her room. Uncertain of what has even happened, Tally heads for the home of their dear family friend to help her nurse her mother back to health, but will her mother ever be the same again, after the death of her dear husband. I thought that the story line of this book was really good. I enjoyed the characters at least somewhat, but it seemed like there was something missing to me. I'm not sure just what. It was an okay read for me.

Next week I'll be going back to my original schedule of writing, one review every day Monday to Friday. I can't wait to share all of the AMAZING books that I've been reading with you!

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