The Water is Wide

Jemima, also known as Mima, is a young girl living in England, it's 1845 and she lives in a very small town called Wooden Box. Her very favorite thing is to sing in the parish choir with her friend Charlotte. But things are always changing in this life and for Mima that change brings things that she would rather not deal with. Mima's mother has decided to join a new religion, the Mormons. Their missionaries have been all over England and they've converted her mother. Mima is sure that her mother's decision won't affect her life, she can live as she always has and still sing in the parish choir. Unfortunately as soon as her mother's conversion is known things change rather quickly. Her mother is a seamstress and women are withdrawing their orders very quickly, and Charlotte doesn't treat Mima the same as she always has anymore. The choir members seem to stop talking as soon as Mima comes into the room. Since Mima's father is no longer living, there is really nothing to keep Mima's mother in England and soon she decides to follow the Mormons to America, while leaving Mima in Liverpool with an older brother. Ultimately Mima knows in her heart she can't allow her mother to make the long journey alone, she must go as well. This decision will start Mima's journey of discovering just who she is. I enjoyed this book, the story was engaging and I loved Mima, just a young girl trying to do the best she can with what she's been given. I liked that it was based on the author's grandmother, historical fiction is one of my very favorites. I hope there are more stories about Mima soon!

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