Sweet Misfortune

Sophie Jones is a very pessimistic young woman, she's the kind of girl who carries her umbrella in Seattle even if the forecast says that it's going to be a nice sunny day. She has her reasons though, as a girl of 9, her parents and grandmother were killed in a car crash on her birthday, a crash that even now, 20 years later, she still blames herself for. Then just 11 months ago, her fiance, Garrett, broke off their wedding plans with no explanation just one week before they were supposed to be married. Sophie's used her heartbreak well though, she made her very best-selling chocolate after the breakup. Sophie's Misfortune Cookies, a fortune cookie dipped in unsweetened chocolate with a dreary misfortune inside, have become very popular with people wanting to read the misfortunes. It's Sophie's birthday and her foster sister, Evalynn has a big surprise for her. The surprise turns out to be her ex-fiance, insisting that she go on a date with him so that he can tell Sophie just why he broke her heart right before what should have been the happiest day of her life. Sophie sees no reason why she should even talk to Garrett, but she gets talked into a deal anyway. Garrett will place an ad in the local newspaper asking for help finding happiness, and if he gets 100 responses that Sophie considers true happiness than Sophie will go on a date with him. Little does she know the amazing response one small ad will get. Just what is Sophie getting herself into?

I have to say this was a really cute story, it's clean for the most part, there were a few mild swear words, but no sex. I liked the characters Sophie was a really fun girl, with a few flaws, that's what makes her character so fun! Her sister was a cutie too, it almost seemed as though you could go to Seattle, walk into Chocolat' de Soph and order a Misfortune Cookie just to read the fortune - just like the locals! I have to say that one of my definitions of happiness would be reading an amazing book with characters that you love right away and then finding out that there's a sequel that contains the further adventures of said loved characters!

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