No Angel

Jonathon Stewart is happy in his job in Heaven. He knows there are all kinds of angels leaving Heaven to fulfill stints as guardian angels, but he really has no desire to do so. He'll happily man his post in the Heaven and Earth Bound Department just watching people come and go from Heaven for all eternity. The only problem is that all the post-mortal spirits are required to be guardian angels at least one time in the eternities and Celeste has chosen Jonathon to be hers. He must take the time to be her guardian angel or face the consequences. On his guardian angel application Jonathon requested a human with early-marked-death status (EMD) so that he wouldn't have to spend as much time on earth, his time as a human was something he'd rather forget, not repeat. But when he requested an EMD, he didn't realize that the spirit inhabiting those bodies has a choice as to when they die. He also didn't realize just how hated those spirits are by the followers of Satan, and they will do anything to get those choice spirits to make wrong choices in their earth life. Jonathon has his work cut out for him as he follows Celeste (now Faith) through her earthly life. I enjoyed this story! I thought that the premise was cute, and the story line wasn't predictable. The characters were likable as well! I can't say it was perfect, but it was an enjoyable use of time!

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