Miss Delacourt Has Her Day

Ginny Delacourt is so in love and ready to be married to the man who has been courting her for just a few weeks, Sir Anthony. She can't wait! But it appears that she must wait a bit longer, for Sir Anthony, at the unexpected death of his cousin becomes heir to his uncle, the Duke of Marcross. Unfortunately, this uncle doesn't approve of Sir Anthony marrying Ginny, as she's just the daughter of a lowly vicar. The cross old uncle seems determined to make both Anthony and Ginny jump through every hoop he can find. Meanwhile, Anthony's mother also decides that she needs to get in on the fun. She makes catty remarks to Ginny every time she can find a chance. It's enough to make Anthony's grandmama and Ginny's grandaunt, Regina Crenshaw, crazy. Will Anthony be able to jump through enough hoops to satisfy his uncle and make Ginny's big day happen? I didn't realize that this book is a sequel to Miss Delecourt Speaks Her Mind. I haven't read that one, and I read this one because it was a Whitney nominee. I did like that there was enough information in this one that I didn't feel totally lost as to what happened in the first book. I would have preferred to have read the first one first, but too bad! I liked both Anthony and Ginny, but I didn't love the book. I don't know just why, the story was intriguing, but maybe there was just too much going on, with lots of different characters with their hands into Ginny's wedding day. Not quite sure, but this one was just okay for me.

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